What Story Are You Writing With Your Life?

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Today’s Thought:  You’re inking a story with your life, adding lines with every moment, through every action and inaction, alike.   Your story is a chapter in the Book of Humanity – are you making it a great one?

We often forget how powerful we are. In turn, many live a life of reaction, spending their days responding to urges and urgencies. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, unless you’re aiming to use your life moments to write the best life story possible.  Wait a minute!  Who wouldn’t want to use their life to tell the best story ever?

I like to imagine myself pushing 100, an energetic firecracker sipping lemonade on a sun-drenched afternoon, sharing tales of ‘when’ with the grands.  What memories will that future self own?  Will there be regrets?   I decide

I’ve decided regrets would likely result from opportunities and experiences lost to fear, hesitation, and meaningless activities.   That’s my greatest fear – reaching the end with too many lost moments, having never really lived.   Where others freeze, afraid to leap, it’s the fear of future regret that pushes me through any hesitation.  I want more than anything to leave an awesome story in my wake.  

That I contemplate such questions, hallmarks of the examined life, reduces my risk factor for regret.  When you lead an examined life, steering choices with high-quality questions, you can’t help but live intentionally.   You won’t lose moments to the opinions of others, or fear of potential failure.  You’ll also grow aware of moments lost to putting out ‘fires.’  If allowed to, people will constantly sweep us into their manufactured emergencies.  Living intentionally, you learn to protect the moments of your life, taking full ownership. Only then can you freely write your story. Once there, make your story awesome, one moment, and one choice, at a time.

For Today:  What story will you write with your life? How big and bold will it be?  Who will you be, and how will you impact the world around you?  Make sure you write yourself as you truly are, not as others would have you be – you are the only one who can write this particular story.  No imitations, be original.

So…to be that person, to live that story, what choices must you make? What actions must you take?  What stands in your way today?  How can you move past those challenges?

Now that you have some answers, take action!  Grab hold of your life moments, and use them to write an absolutely EPIC tale.  Every moment you let slip mindlessly by is one less moment of awesome in your story.   Don’t wait, start today.

You are the author of your life, make your story amazing!