Today’s thoughts:   Freedom to me means owning my own time, owning my own mind.  It also means embracing joy effortlessly, and acknowledging the beauty, wonder, and greatness we each possess, rather than focusing on negatives or ‘what ifs.’   Turn our eyes toward strengths and build upon them.

I am examining my relationship with Facebook lately.   Far too many negatives, too few positives.  Contemplating whether it has a place in my life, and if so, in what way.   For now: I shall take a step back, checking in less frequently, while turning my attention toward the positives in my life.  A quick assessment tells me these would include: relationship with loved ones & dear friends; consuming delicious, nutritious food and great music & literature; and moving my body in ways that bring joy and health.  This resonates.  More positive consumption; less consumption of random flotsam and jetsam in the facebook stream.

Free your mind; wonder will follow!