Rejecting the Cult of Brokenness


Today’s Thoughts: Self-help books are raking in the bucks.   Fantastic, were they teaching you how to fix your car or sew curtains, however, the underlying premise of most is ”there is something wrong with you that must be fixed.”  Unsurprising in a culture where ceaseless advertising to ‘change this’ and ‘improve that’ so you too can ‘live the dream’ or even ‘be acceptable’ is the norm.  

I reject this idea that we are broken, and encourage you join me in doing so.  The idea is ridiculous, for me as much as it is for you (YES YOU!!!).   I know, I know – if only I saw your flaws, right?  

WRONG!  Let’s shift perspective for a moment.  What if we operated from the premise that maybe it isn’t us, but the bar against which we are being judged?  From there, we can reject this new cultural norm, and trust that we are exactly as we should be, perfect in our self-ness just as we are.  We could celebrate our own personal brand of awesomeness.  Certainly we can cultivate healthier habits and learn new skills if we wish, but  only if for our Selves.  The idea of ‘not being enough’ and ‘in need of change’ in order to be ‘acceptable’ is dismissed as ridiculous.  

I introduce this idea because I believe it to be true.

What will anthropologists 10,000 years from now see when looking at us?  A people who drugged kids to sit still in classrooms, performed potentially life-threatening surgeries to fix near imperceptible’flaws,’ people who have killed over designer sneakers, all in a ‘land of plenty’ where some starve themselves to death in the name of beauty.   They would think us mad! Yet this is the culture we create and reinforce daily as we participate within it.

For Today:  I will focus on identifying my own personal brand of awesome. I challenge you to do so too.   What do you love about yourself?  What makes you feel great, alive? Celebrate these things.   Let’s release attachment to our perceived ‘flaws’ and instead turn our hearts and minds toward our own greatness.   It is there, just easily missed if one is obsessing with ‘flaws.’  Make notes about your personal awesome, and post them near your bathroom mirror as a reminder be grateful for all you possess.   

Next:   Identify and celebrate the awesome in others, even those you don’t like.   Let’s stop the endless judging.  Together we can put an end to the cult of brokenness, opting to open up to just how amazing each of us truly are.

Free your mind, Let the wonder in!