Life Lab #1


On Sundays I will be posting a series of “Life Labs.:   This will activities designed to help you fully actualize in all areas of your life, freeing you to live more authentically, as a genuine Liberation Artist.  At times they will push the boundaries of your comfort zones. When that happens, take note – it may be just what you most needed!

Lab 1: Life Assessment

Below you will find a self-assessment questionnaire I have used in my “Wholly Fit” program, designed to coach an individual to fuller self-actualization.   Begin by taking the quiz – there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers – this quiz is designed to inform you on what you need to look at in order to live a freer, more fulfilling life.  In coming Life Labs we will explore different ways to address challenges in the categories reflected in this self-assessment.   For now, answer for yourself as truthfully as possible:

1. Does your life reflect who you know yourself to be on the deepest, core level of being?

2. Does your life right now reflect your values, beliefs, dreams and desires?

3. Moment by moment, do your actions and choices continue to reinforce that deep reflection of your most authentic self?

4. Do you feel that you live your inherent, core, personal Truth?

5. Are you relationships in order?

6. Do you engage with others in a deeply authentic way?

7. Are you free from living behind a ‘mask’?

8. Are you living the life you want, as opposed to another one you’d want to live?

9. Are you feeding your body the best nutrition available to you?

10. Do you have a joyful, positive relationship with food?

11. Do you love and appreciate your body, for all it has done to support you?

12. Do you refrain from saying negative or derogatory things about your body?

13. Do you refrain from saying negative things or derogatory things about your mind?

14. Do you feed your mind well, from a wide variety of sources?

15. Do you feed your heart and soul regularly, joyously, through good relationships, self-honoring choices, and contemplative time?

16. Do you feel loved?

17. Do you love and honor yourself, most especially as demonstrated in choices you make, and actions you take?

18. Do you give yourself the gift of play?

19. Do you give yourself the gift of exploration?

20. Do you enjoy the gift of laughter regularly?

21. Do you regularly make the space for fun?

22. Do you allow your curious side to explore life?

23. Do you actively participate regularly in creation, be it artistic, or through the conscious creation of your life?

24. Do you understand, and do your choices and actions reflect, that you must honor and love yourself first, in order to best honor and love others?

25. Do you create authentic, loving relationships with family and friends?

26. Do you know how to extricate yourself from unhealthy relationships?

27. Do you avoid making excuses for the bad behavior of others?

28. Do you know how to examine strong negative feelings you may have about others, to learn what messages and gifts those feelings may hold for you?

29. Do you feel a strong sense of community with the world around you?

30. Do you feel your relationship with money is comfortable, and that your use of this tool reflects your values, and helps you create your life in a positive way?

31. Do you feel your relationship with physical ‘stuff’ is comfortable, and that your accumulation of and use of stuff honors who you are at core, and that it contributes to your life rather than detracting from it?

32. Are you free of struggles with clutter, physical, mental, or cluttered relationships?

33. Does your work reflect your values and beliefs?

34. Are you able to be your authentic self at work?

35. Does your work reflect the sustenance you receive through Eating, Playing, and Loving?

36. Do you understand the interconnected nature of all aspects of your life?

37. Are all aspects of your life working together harmoniously to help you create the best expression of YOU in every way?

38. Do your actions and choices bring you ever closer to being your most authentic self?

39. Do you feel comfortable with your use of resources, your life currency (time, physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy, physical ‘stuff’, money and relationships)?

Once you’ve finished the assessment, read it over carefully.  Look at questions where you answered “No.”   Why are these answers negative?   What could you do to turn those answers to a re-sounding “Yes!”?  

Now go back and choose the 3 that are of highest priority to you.   For those 3, I want you to write down steps you know you could take RIGHT NOW to improve those areas of your life.  

Next, ask yourself why you aren’t taking those steps.    Write down those answers, we will be coming back to them in a future Life Lab.

For now, pick one of those 3 life areas, and look at the steps you said you could take RIGHT NOW to improve those areas of your life.   Look at the first 3 steps you wrote down.   Are you ready to take those steps toward a better life today?  What will it take to do so?  How can you take these steps while protecting yourself and others, mitigating potential risk factors?   What potential ‘fail points’ can you identify – the areas where you may fail to follow through, or things may backfire.   Can you take any actions to reduce risk?  If so, do so.   Then, when you feel ready, set things in motion – take those precious steps toward creating a more positive life.   You can do it!   You will find that once you take those first 3 steps, you will build momentum.  It will feel easier to look at the next steps.  Which is, of course, what you will do next.  

For now, though, start with those first steps.

Great job!   You should pat yourself on the back.  So many people live life in a reactionary way – you have taken steps to examine your life, and to begin to practice some life-design to create a more positive world for yourself.   You are paying attention to setting intentions, and this is a crucial key to creating an amazing life for yourself!  YAY YOU!!  I am beyond excited for you.    Keep up the good work.  And hold onto this assessment, you will use it again in the future, I’m sure.  

If you find yourself stuck, post a question in the “Ask” field. I can’t promise I can get to everyone, but I will do the best I can to respond to as many as possible.    

Congratulations on taking an important step toward creating an amazing life for yourself!