Life Lab #2


On Sundays I will be posting a series of “Life Labs.:   This will activities designed to help you fully actualize in all areas of your life, freeing you to live more authentically, as a genuine Liberation Artist.  At times they will push the boundaries of your comfort zones. When that happens, take note – it may be just what you most needed!

How did you do last week?   Drop me a line through “Ask Anything” or email to share!  

Follow Up to Life Lab #1: Now that you have selected three areas of life to work on, and taken the first three steps, give yourself a pat on the back, you are awesome!  Next I want you to choose what your next 3 steps will be, identify any challenges and how you can avoid them, and take them!  Use the momentum you gathered from making those first steps, to keep yourself motivated.   If you slipped back, or encountered any fail points, ask yourself why, and what could help you create more success next time.  Then take those steps, implementing them over the next week.

New Activity:  Sit down with pen and paper and write about the things that have held you back from pushing ahead on the life changes you’ve committed to making.   Also make sure to include self-praise for the steps you have committed successfully.   This is a free writing experiment, there is no need for this to sound great, or even to worry about things like spelling or style.   This is just an exercise to purge all the negativity, excuses, and drama surrounding behind any changes you want to make, and also to allow you to discover keys to what may be standing in your way.  Most importantly, it is also focused on ending on a positive note, where you congratulate yourself for your successes.

Keep up the great work!  You are worth it 🙂