Curating Your Life

Today’s Thought:  Most people are living out of sync with their true nature.   Too frequently they chase happiness and numb negativity, often eating, drinking, or consuming it away.  They slay the joy of the present moment in the name of some dreamed up future where they will be more intelligent, more attractive, just more.  They have become addicted to the messages of the Cult of Brokenness.  

Reality suggests, however, a different truth.  Chances are that if you learn to find joy in the simple things, you will be far, far happier than someone chasing the dragon.  There are a number of ways to do this.  One comes naturally once you stop longing for what you don’t have.  When you step out of that hamster-wheel, you become aware of what you have.  This is a gentler path than losing everything, though that method works, too.  

Embracing minimalism is a another useful tool for discovering joy in simplicity.  The idea is straightforward:  Less can be far more.   How so?  When we strip away the noise, the symbols, and long-ago abandoned dreams, we can clarify who we are today, and who we are becoming.  Suddenly everything makes sense, and you want to rid your life of anything that doesn’t serve you.  Identifying the relationships, belongings, and commitments that contribute to your life grows simpler, as does recognizing what detracts from your dreams.  Form and function begin to dictate choice, as you become the Curator of the content and contents of your life: is this genuinely useful and/or does this add beauty to your life?

I opt for maxi-minimalism, which marries artisan craftsmanship to the selective ‘less’ of minimalism.   I may have only one black jacket, but it is a timeless, quality piece built to last years, and makes up part of my capsule wardrobe.  Careful curation will guard your time and mind, freeing you to leap along the path of self-actualization and contribution to a world very much in need of such people.  

Too, Curation through the lens of your own personal awesomeness eliminates servitude to the status quo.  You are likely to feel less anxious, and to benefit financially, as well. Investment in select quality products and relationships that genuinely fit your life lends to a higher level of return on investment.

For Today:  Look at your life through your Curatorial lens.  What adds value?  What distracts you, holds you hostage?   That isn’t an exaggeration, we can quickly become slaves to our stuff – maintaining it, storing it, sorting it.   Servitude can extend to commitments and relationships as well.   Curate fiercely and ceaselessly.  I promise, this is a path to freedom you are not likely to regret.  This process is an on-going one, however, if you cultivate the Curatorial habit, your life will expand exponentially.  

Take the leap, it is liberating!