Today’s Thought:  Superpowers.   We all have them, the one or two things we do better than most.   These activities captivate us, make time stand still.  They are part of what makes us unique, great.  The regular flexing of Superpowers leads to deeper self-actualization.  Yet all too often we miss identifying our Superpowers.  

How is this possible?   The simple answer is, we miss the clues that have been there all along.  Superpowers feel effortless, so we can’t imagine them being special.   Yet that itself is a clue to identifying them:  What do you find so natural and fun that you feel you could do it forever?  You will also notice others don’t enjoy these things the way you do, or find them too frustrating or boring.  Find your Superpower, and you find strength, and a key to self-actualization.  

Beware, though!  Superpowers have a weakness, their own brand of Kryptonite. This Kryptonite comes in the form of ridicule, invalidation, and dismissal.  During formative moments someone may say our Superpower’s useless, unacceptable, or ‘weird.’   Stunned, we are forced to make one of two decisions:   pack away our cape, or wear it proudly.   Sadly, more often than not the cape gets buried in attic rafters.  

Failure to embrace one’s Superpowers, however, is failure to self-actualize.   Your Superpowers are part of your own brand of awesomeness.  Reject them, and you are rejecting a super part of you –  possibly the best part of you – regardless of what anyone else has said.   Find your Superpowers and unleash them into the world.   If you want to have truly lived, your life depends on it.  

For Today:  If you have packed your cape away, time to pull it out and dust if off (no time to send it to the cleaners, the world needs you NOW!).  If you are uncertain what your Superpowers are, PAY ATTENTION!  Notice what feels timeless to you.   When others say, “I don’t know how you do it, doing that frustrates me...” or “I just don’t get it…” these are hints that you may have bumped into a Superpower.  

Once you’ve taken hold of your Superpowers, use them often, and wear that metaphorical (or literal, if you wish!) cape proudly.  This is your life.  Own it, live it, be it.