Quality Questions

Today’s Thoughts:  The quality of questions we ask ourselves will dictate the quality of our answers, and subsequently, the life we create.  High quality questions yield higher quality answers.  High quality answers help shape stellar lives.

Many go through life with a “Why not?” mindset.   “If there’s no obvious reason to reject an opportunity, then why do so?”  

There is not necessarily anything wrong with making decisions that way.  Not unless you have specific dreams for yourself, and for your life.  When you are sitting on your porch rocking in your chair at 90, what memories do you want to reflect upon?  Make sure your choices today weave those future memories.

Each opportunity we select means we by default de-select an infinite array of others.   Remaining in a less than stellar relationship because you are anxious about being alone could mean you miss the opportunity to meet the perfect partner; staying in a dead-end job, or shrinking from risk could mean you miss the boat on the dream career.  We only have so many life moments, how we spend them is something to consider carefully, for how we invest our moments will determine the life we yield from that investment.  

For Now: I am focusing on the map by which I will navigate my remaining years.  My world is in a state of flux, as my primary organizing principle has shifted.  ’Til recently decisions were largely filtered through the lens of ”I’m a single mom.”  My sons are grown now, yet I am still barely edging into my 40s.  Potential decades spread out before me, and I want to live them as fully, as wonderfully, and as intentionally as possible.   What lens shall I now examine opportunity through?  What organizing principles shall rise up to shape the coming years? I’m not certain yet – I’m slowly teasing out the answer to those mysteries by the day.  However, of one thing I’m certain:  When opportunity knocks, I will be asking “Why should I answer?  What does this bring to my life?” as opposed to simply throwing the door wide with a smiling,”Why not?”

Free your mind, follow the Wonder!