Maximizing Your Treasure


Today’s Thought:  At birth we are granted a glorious and precious treasure, but with a catch:  this remarkable asset is delivered with a blind balance,  so we cannot know when we are one spend from total bankruptcy.  How we invest this this gift will define the overarching quality of our very life.   This treasure is your life moments, and the way in which you engage with it is something I call the Economy of Life.

Across our days we’re literally spending our hours, in increments of moments.  We can spend them consciously, investing them in activities that produce a high-return, such as creating and contributing to the world, and sharing love and laughter.  Or we cand spend them loosely, by default, in things that don’t add to our lives, and perhaps even detract from the overall quality.  The one thing we can’t do is save it for another day.  This moment is here, its time is now.  You use it or lose it, literally.  Consciously spent or not, it will play a role in shaping the fabric of your life. 

Paradoxically, we must spend life in order to keep living.  For instance, moments must be spent either cultivating, gathering, or hunting food, or traded in exchange for coins again traded for food cultivated by others.  We can’t escape exchanging moments for sustenance.   However, we can choose the ways and attitude in which we do so.  

These choices can have a dramatic impact.   If you participate in the Economy of Life joyfully, your days will be filled with pleasure; if you approach it from a small-minded perspective, you will never feel you have enough.  Either way you’re actually ‘spending’ the same amount of time,  why choose misery?

For Today:  How are you spending your treasure?  Are you squeezing the best from each moment, investing in a high-return quality life, or letting moments slip away?  You have so much right here, in this moment.   This is all we own, all we definitely have.  For all we know, today could be our last spend.  

Make it amazing – you are writing the story of your life with these moments, spend them as best you can!